Company – AGS


Who We Are?

Alu-Guarantee systems (AGS) is an aluminum manufacturer based in 6th of October and founded in 2012 by Mr. Walid Azzam and under the leadership. Production lines are functioned with the latest CNC machines and equipment, which generates a huge mass production of manufactured Aluminum with a great measurement accuracy.

Our products include a variety of aluminum and glass that cater to the different needs of our customers. The work is carried out using specialized software that ensure efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness.

Business Year
Satisfied Clients

Every step in our manufacturing process, from product design to final installation, is carefully analyzed, detailed and considered to ensure we take every opportunity to improve our design and implementation process.

Mission & Vision & core values

Our mission is to contribute to a sustainable environment by furnishing the market with distinguishable and durable products that accrue to the architectural beauty of the projects. We want to grow our business by continually creating value for our customers.
Our vision is to become industry leaders by producing the highest quality aluminum products for our customers.
Customer Orientation
We are a customer-centric business that puts its customers’ needs at the center of its decision making process. We ensure our products will appeal to our customers’ aesthetics while maintaining a cost-effective approach.

Changing is carved in our roots, researching, experiencing new services and products (as being customer-centric) by providing smart solutions to problems, opportunities, and finally adapting to our marketplace diversity and learning how to supply it.

Adaptation of the environment
We always strive not only to comply with current legislation but also to continually improve our environmental performance and reduce our environmental footprint. Cooperating with dynamic sectors and have the know-how to keep up with their fast pace.

We are dependable, not only for the products we offer, but also for how carefully we manage the relationships we develop. We believe consistency is the key to building trust