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Alu-Guarantee UK was created while committing to expanding the company's reach to the international market, which began with establishing the new company extension in the U.K, The company was determined to push the market's boundaries globally.

Over the past 25 Years of experience in the aluminum industry, we are committed to Keep our reputation as the preferred business partner in Egypt & Middle East while determined to push the boundaries of the global market to drive a positive change on quality and price thanks to our sustainable extrusion and manufacturer chain that eases achieving our customers requirements in the vast projects aspects from Curtain walls, doors, windows to automotive parts, and from Extrusion & Fabrication to installation.

About Alu-Guarantee systems (AGS)


Alu-Guarantee systems (AGS) is an aluminum manufacturer based in 6th of October and founded in 2012 by Our Beloved CEO Mr. Walid Azzam. Production lines are functional with the latest CNC machines and equipment, which generate a huge mass production of manufactured Aluminum with a great measurement accuracy. Our products include a variety of aluminum products such as: Curtain walls, skylights, doors and windows, that cater to the different needs of our customers. The work is carried out using specialized software that ensure efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness.


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